Rapid Development

Rapid Development

Take your app from prototype to production using simple frontend methods and powerful plugins.



Add a feature rich backend to any HTML5 powered web or mobile app with just a couple of lines of code.

No Vendor Lock-in

No Vendor Lock-in

We don’t think you’ll want to, but should you decide to go elsewhere, you’ll have access to your entire DB!

Social Login In Under 1.5 Minutes

Quickly and easily add social login to any mobile hybrid or web app!


How it works



Frontend Library

Your app easily interfaces with Appback through the appback.js library, which manages a local user datastore, keeps data in sync, and makes backend requests.



Realtime Sync

App data is replicated with a NoSQL DB through a secure connection.  All of the user’s devices are automatically updated realtime with the latest user data and dynamic events!



Backend Processing

Tasks can be generated for backend processing by core workers, community contributed plugins, or even your own private custom plugins written as NodeJS modules!



Realtime Data Sync

App data is replicated to and from the backend and all of the users devices are updated in real time.


NoSQL Database

Appback includes CouchDB, the doc storage engine that was made for modern web and mobile apps.


Offline First

Appback is great for mobile! Store app data locally then sync whenever your user reconnects to the Internet.


User Authentication

Appback includes user registration and authentication as a core feature so you can start getting signups now!

Plugin Extendable

Tailor your backend through community plugins or your own private custom NodeJS modules.


Pure Javascript

If you know Javascript, then you have all the skills you need to add an Appback backend to your app!


Hybrid Ready

Appback is optimized for use with Cordova and other hybrid frameworks.  No plugins required!


Instant Deployment

Create a feature-rich backend in just seconds that will instantly make your app dynamic and connected!

Easy Administration

From users to plugins, everything you need to manage your app is available in an easy to use admin web portal.


Frontend Hosting

Every Appback backend includes free frontend static hosting and an app dedicated GIT server for easy updates.


SSL Enabled

Each backend comes SSL enabled so you don’t have to worry about certs and complex configurations.


App Dashboard

Keep tabs on your app performance through detailed resource tracking and dynamic charting.